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Greetings everyone from all at Fox & Chave and welcome to our new website.


Brand new for 2018 and loaded with all of your favourite fine art silk ties, pure silk scarves and our other fine art inspired accessories such as cuff links and silver pendants that you know us for.


Offering you the kind of fine art inspired products that you want and making them easier for you to order, is what has us so excited! For us here at Fox & Chave we hope that the possibilities available via the new platform will only improve our service.


There are a few changes that come with any new website that take a little figuring out, so we thought we would help with a quick post on some of these to help you to find that special William Morris Snakeshead silk tie that you need to get your hands on. Or maybe it’s a Van Gogh Starry Night Chiffon Scarf!



Searching for products

As with most websites the new look Fox & Chave has several ways that you can find the items that you are looking for.


Main Menu


  1. The Main Menu – Also known as the ‘Mega-Menu’, and located at the top of each page immediately below the Fox and Chave logo, here you will find several ways to find what you are looking for.


  • For Him - You want a unique fine art inspired gift, or something else for that special man and want to browse our men’s range. This is the best place to start. Here you will find the various tie and cuff link collections that we offer as well as other silk products for men.


  • For Her – If the fine art gift that you need is for a lady and you want to browse our silk scarf collections, as well as our silk clutch purses, silver pendants and more, start here.


  • By Movement – Under the ‘Select’ option we have grouped products according to various categories to help you. The first one features items according to several fine art movements. If you have a love for Arts and Crafts or know someone who is an Art Nouveau nut, this might be the way to go.


  • By Artist – Lets say you are looking for that favourite William Morris tie for example. Navigate via the ‘Select’ option to ‘Morris’ under the ‘By Artist' header for all of our William Morris products. Other artists are also listed here if you are a Mackintosh man or are just crazy for Klimt!


  • By Style – Many of our silk ties and silk scarves cross boundaries of fine art classification, not to mention our country and national heritage products. Here we have shortlisted items accordingly, so if you do decorative inspired ties, or go ape for our animal and bird accessories, start here.


  • By Culture – Another way to search our collections of silk ties scarves, cuff links and other accessories is according to their cultural significance. If you just gotta go Greco-Roman silk scarf, go here.


Search Bar Image



  1. The Search Bar – If you know exactly what silk scarf or tie you want by name or even by trade product number, and you just don’t want to mess about with menus, use the search option. This is identified in the top menu bar via the Magnifying Glass icon. Type in what you are looking for and the results will be displayed for you.


Featured Product Carousel



  1. Featured Products – Another exciting aspect of the new site is that we can highlight much more easily featured products or groups of our ties, scarves and more. These can be seen on the home page in the slider, below that in various visual links and carousels, and also throughout the site. We are also working to develop features to suggest other Fox and Chave products that complement what you are looking at. Look out for these soon!


Side bar



  1. The Side Bar - When you navigate to the product menu pages, and product detail pages you will notice on the left of the page a side bar. Here you will find links to areas of the site. Some are categories from the Main menu options, while others link to specific products by type. You can also filter a product menu page by colour from here.


Search by Institution



  1. Institutions – If you want to buy a tie or silk scarf specifically from a collection associated with one of the many world-renowned museums, galleries and institutions that we work with, you can find links to these in the testimonial area of the home page.






Subscribing to our Mailing list.

We are always developing new products, and new designs so if you are waiting on the next Kandsinky silk scarf, Peacock print tie or Churchill cuff links, as well as being kept in the loop on special offers and promotions why not join?


Add your email in the box on the home page, just below the featured product carousel.


There is also a popup you can use that will appear each time you return to the site at an interval of more than 24 hours. (You can force the popup to reappear by clearing the cookies in your browser).






New to this website, any retail customer can now open a customer account with us by clicking the link ‘Register’ from the top menu bar. By adding your information here you can track the status of your orders when you log in, and the site will store your address details for when you next check out.



Trade Accounts

As on our previous site, the new Fox & Chave website can be used by our trade customers to place their orders. If you are an existing trade customer with a login to the previous site you will have received an email from us on how to set up a new account here. This account must be verified as a trade account before you can access the trade area of the site and place any trade orders.


New Trade Form



New Trade Accounts

If you are not currently a Fox & Trade stockist, have not previously had a trade account on any of our websites and you want to apply for a trade account, please fill in the form by following this link. A customer services representative will then be in touch with you about your application.


reviewing orders



Reviewing your orders

Once you have an account, retail or trade, you can review your orders or add address details to your account by navigating to the password page via the ‘login’ link in the top menu bar.



Delivery and Shipping

If you are in a far flung corner of the world but still have a penchant for a Peploe Tulips Silk tie, no problem. We can ship direct to you. All of our products are presented in distinct Fox & Chave packaging, before being well prepared for the journey to your door. Our rates are detailed here.


Look out for our special offers on shipping.


All standard UK deliveries are FREE!



Ways to Pay

Now you have a cart full of fine art silk ties and silk scarves, how can you pay for them? On checkout there are now a host of options so that you can use your preferred method of payment. We accept Credit & debit card payments by Visa, Mastercard & Amex, as well as online options such as Paypal & Google Pay.


You can also use Apple Pay and because our site is powered by Shopify, the Shopify payment option.


Trade customers benefit from extended terms and should select the INVOICE option on checkout.


All payments are 256 bit SSL encrypted for the best security available when you make you purchase from Fox and Chave.



Special Offers

We regularly offer promotions on selected items. Sometimes because we just feel like it and other times to tie in with a specific event in the fine art calendar, to coincide with a particular celebration like Christmas or Valentine’s Day, or to make way for a new collections.


Look out on the home page slider and the menu images for offers on Ormolu ties, discounts on Degas chiffon scarves, or maybe a cuff link giveaway on Gaudi…


Foxy Cuffs Link



Foxy Cuffs

Some of our visitors will have arrived at the Fox & Chave website having previously been customers of our cufflink site Foxy Cuffs. You can still find the cufflinks featured on Foxy Cuffs under a link of the same name in the cufflink section of the Main Menu. There is also a button link to the Foxy Cuffs collection below the slider on the home page.


Customers looking for Bryn Parry boxer shorts, and our other witty print boxer shorts, which were also featured on Foxy Cuffs can still shop for these from the Main Menu or by using the search bar.


personalised items



Personalised products

Also previously available via Foxy Cuffs and now available here are our personalized products for cufflinks and keyrings. If you want a unique gift of an image or images of your choice applied to quality rhodium cufflinks or key rings, both presented boxed we have just what you need.


Select the item(s) you want and add them to the cart. After checkout you will be asked to upload your images via a form at the purchase confirmation screen.


The image upload form is located after checkout firstly because it is a secure 256 bit SSL encrypted area of the site to safeguard the upload of your personal images, and second so we aren’t being bombarded by image uploads that don’t relate to genuine orders.


You can also choose from a variety of Initial based cuff link designs for that personal touch!



Bespoke Services



Bespoke Services

Are you a member of a club, or representative from a school, charity, company, university, college or other organisation? Do have a club tie in need of re-issue or re-design? What about a run of silk scarves for the lady members of your team?


We offer a full design and sample service on our silk ties, silk scarves, cuff links and a range of other items unique to trade and bespoke orders, and minimum order quantities are very reasonable.


Was that just what you were looking for? Great, then contact Jemima Haddock via to find out more.





Any Questions.

Once again, this is a new platform for all of us, and we need your help to make the best possible version of it for you to place your orders with us. We believe we offer a quality product with an emphasis on service to execute the supply of that product, and now we want to bring our new website into the equation to improve our service even further.


If you are having any technical difficulties when using the site, or you think something could work better, please let us know. Technical developments and changes take a little time to become familiar but sometimes they could be simply be improved in a way that we hadn’t thought of.


If you have any website related issues or suggestions then please email us via

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