I am not a Hipster


If you don’t know what a Hipster is then you might be among a fair contingent of the population. Being ‘hip’ has pop culture roots from the Jazz age but for millennials the term ‘Hipster’ has come to carry far more connotations than just whether you have your finger on any current cultural pulse.


Regardless of the debate on a sound consensus definition for the term, here’s 6 reasons why ‘hipsters’ wouldn’t want to buy a bow tie from us.


      1. Real Hipsters aren’t Hipsters

        Native Americans who had hundreds of self-identifying tribal names are now referred to, en masse and perhaps pejoratively, by the single term ’Indian’, a name arrived at by an external European entity to the tribes misappropriating on behalf of their own iffy navigation and inability not to impose.


        The peoples of the Cree, Blackfoot, Pawnee and others were not self-referencing ‘Indians’ before this time. Much in the same way, the true hipster does not self identify by any such term.


        So much as we might offer a collection of silk bow ties, self-tie bow ties nonetheless, surely nothing so stereo-typically ‘Hipster’ would encourage those who shirk the title to indulge in buying even one of our 22 unique bow tie designs.



            2. The Hipster can’t be told nor Sold

              In the same way as some have committed so completely to a gang they become gangsters, some are so relentlessly hip they are hipsters.


              A gangster follows his own rules, flouting societal limitations and probing the edges of acceptable behavior, and when it comes to matters of style the hipster likewise follows their own code.


              The idea that we could somehow persuade or cajole hipsters into a bow tie or a fine art inspired silk accessory would be the antithesis of the hipster ideal that they themselves are the sole determinant of whether they want to buy and wear that Red Klimt Bow tie or not.


              Hipster with Jane Austen Oak Leaf Tie


                  3. The Effort for Effortless Mess Dress

                    Discordant clothing signifies creativity in the wearer as they experiment with ways of visual self-expression to communicate such characteristics immediately and at a distance.


                    The hipster is no exception to this concept, yet the apparent dissonant combinations of their styling belie a reality that the disharmony is birthed not from a lack of care or a desire to degrade and deconstruct, but by careful selection.


                    Such deliberation would mean for the dedicated, the most thorough investigation of our collections of silk ties, silk pocket squares, bow ties, scarves for men and even ranges of cuff links with the finest of tooth-combs.


                    Not ignoring the fact that a Hipster is not to be determined by the wearing of Lumberjack beards, so our chiffon and crepe de chine silk scarf range would also be the treasure trove for the ‘hipstress’.


                    Man or woman, a search of our collections will throw up stylistic gems for those dedicated to the task of selecting carefully from over 1200 products of silk and style.



                        4. The Vagueness of Cool

                          Fox & Chave have long supported the world of fine arts and heritage on a world-wide basis, supplying silk ties and pure silk scarves to a long list of veritable and renowned institutions.


                          Surely all too ‘mainstream’ for the Hipster crowd! That means that amongst our silk scarf and silk tie collections can be found a cavalcade of items that are definitively associated with a particular artist or movement.


                          Whether that is a fine art silk bow tie after Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh, or a silk chiffon scarf inspired by the decorative arts of the Bloomsbury Group where is the flippant post-brit pop irony of such classics?


                             Hipster Stuff


                              5. Ready Wearer One

                                Conversely, and what do I know, isn’t the knowing selection of multiple wearable pop culture references oh so hipster?


                                Wouldn’t it be right in the groove of any hipster playlist that the more obscure those references and the more deftly displayed the better?


                                So we might come close here, but are the quotes of Oscar Wilde on Bone China cufflinks ‘ironic’ enough? Would our Shakespeare silk tie collection be spelling it out? And is a Jackson Pollock Silk Scarf no longer ‘pop’ dude? Like duh!!!



                                    6. This (article) is so Hipster!

                                      A blog post written in an aloof tone designed to use self-awareness and reverse psychology in parts to communicate the notion that on a site that exists for the purpose of selling silk accessories, we wouldn’t want potential customers to buy those silk products.


                                      All the time embedding the requisite key words for search engines and at the same time pretending we aren’t doing that.


                                      And then making this sixth point an admission that we are doing that, is so try hard hipster it can’t possibly be hipster. Can it?





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