Valentine's Day gifts are uniquely challenging.You double down and try your best to secure your sweetheart a gift that's emblematic of your measureless love. But how can a stockpile of assorted chocolates, or a bouquet of flowers, encapsulate just how much you love your darling? It's like pushing a boulder uphill it's impossible to convey. 


Delaunay Silks



We've compiled a short list of his-and-her gift combinations, like this Delaunay Bleriot Bow Tie and Chiffon Scarf above.  These pairings can help you gift something as unique as your relationship, while also inducing some oxytocin-addled bliss that will have Cupid blushing. Many of these patterns have multiple silk and accessory expressions, so feel free to shop the pattern if you're looking for his-and-his, or her-and-her combinations.


1. Deco Gingko Habotai, and Cufflinks:

Deco Gingko Silk


The Gingko Leaf has a very long and charming history as the oldest plant alive. It's fossils date back to 270 million years ago. This artistic motif — the curvy, vapory, and celestial Ginko leaf was a favoured decorative pattern amongst Art Nouveau artists in the late 1800s and early 1900s. If you're out of your depth in picking the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your dear, the Gingko leaf is a surefire way to convey your eternal love.


These Deco Gingko Cuff Links will have have him grinning ear to ear. The Gingko pattern has a romantic magnetism to it. Quite literally. It's rhodium-plated so you know it'll stay securely shored up on his debonair tailored sleeves. 


And for her, there's the Deco Gingko Leaf Habotai Silk Wrap. This Valentine's, swap the forget-me-not plants with the dreamy Ginko leaf pattern. Give a luxurious hug with this oversized, demure wrap. 



2. Peacock Feathers, Silk Tie and Chiffon Scarf:

Peacock Feathers Silk


Perhaps you're searching for a Valentine's Day gift for a single friend. This Cadbury-and-card crazed holiday has them feeling crumbly and abjectly alone. We have two gifts that will turn their shut-in night of watching an insufferable marathon of rom-coms into an auspicious stroke of dating luck. 


The Peacock Feathers Chiffon Scarf and the Peacock Feathers Silk Tie heralds the perceptible peacock pattern. This eye-spotted pattern is the universal symbol for love, attraction, and male bravado. In this courtship ritual, the male peacock parades his showy plumage and train of piercing colours as a bid for the best female suitors. Old wives tales of lore vow that peacock feathers cure the terminally single curse. 


Help your friend's flagging love life by buying him or her the spellbinding peacock-printed silk tie and chiffon scarf for their next big date. They'll give off a vague aura of irresistibility just like the peacock. Put an end to unrequited love.



3. Bikes and Blossoms

Bikes and Blossoms Silk



There is a large playbook of mythical lovers we know from rehearsed fairytales. These archetypal characters slay giants, throw rocks at windows, traverse perilous mountains and webbed trenches, fall on their own swords, and mount horses as swashbuckling knights, feature prominently in our cultural lexicon. 


But these heroes and sheroes (female heroes) are self-invented and aged stories. The modern hero and shero have traded their swords and horses for bikes. All in the name of their unremitting love for the environment. Giving a Bicycles Silk Tie to him is your reverential nod to your unsung environmental hero who actively seeks to reduce his carbon footprint. 


For her, don your unsuspecting shero with an elegant Cherry Blossom Silk Square. Fashioned from from silk twill, the square has a satin-soft, high lustre finish. The pattern is an evocative panache with bursts of cherry red and blushing pink. Incidentally, the flower's lifespan is haltingly short — their beauty peaks around two weeks and they wilt into oblivion shortly after. The transience of the cherry blossom reminds your Valentine to savour the beauty of love and life. Those stolen moments with your lover, those incredulous starry-eyed gazes, and the high-octane excitement of a first kiss.


You and your sweetheart's love have some serious staying power. Why not galvanize your storm-proof love to stratospheric levels with Fox & Chave's Valentine's Day gifts. Watch your love burst into bloom like the famed Gingko leaf, the bold peacock eye, or any other combination that's meaningful to you – there are so many meaningful patterns to choose from. 


Now that we've covered gift pairings and patterns, tell us your favourite icon or imagery, and perhaps you'll see it in silk soon!




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