Silk for Summer


Silk is not only beautiful to look at and oh-so-soft to wear, it is incredibly practical, being both warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


In warmer weather, it can absorb moisture from the skin and is even said to have antibacterial properties. In winter, though light as a feather, silk scarves keep the neck elegantly warm.


Silk is the perfect travel accessory and wonderfully versatile, with the great benefit of taking up very little space in your luggage.


Silk is the perfect choice for your Travels


Choose a design, or several, and tones that work with your travel outfits and you can pack light, yet look glamorous throughout your trip.


Consider a large silk scarf for a chic, yet practical, layer to take on and off as you go from cool air-conditioned airports, out into warm bustling city streets.


Once you arrive at your destination, use our style tips to help make you look and feel fabulous during your trip.

Silk style tips for your destination


Silk Scarf as a Head Wrap


A scarf can transform your hairstyle in seconds to look sleek, fun and colourful, whilst offering much-needed sun protection.


Tied Scarf Sketch


The Silkie can be worn tied in a bow or loose around the neck. It also makes a perfect headband, a lovely embellishment to that snazzy straw hat or a pretty belt to jazz up your evening palazzo trouser or your favourite jeans.


Silk Habotai Wraps for Summer


A generous habotai silk wrap swathed over shoulders will act as the perfect cover up for a city stroll, or twist into a sarong for poolside chic.


Silk for nights out or day trips


For that special event. Be it a night at the opera or day at the races, for the stand-out gentlemen, choose a boldly-designed pure silk tie.


Rhodes Tie
Japanese Bingata Scarf
Deco Gingko Habotai 
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My Fox and Chave scarf is one of the most beautiful gifts I have ever received.

Mary Elizabeth Nordstrom

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