Bygone are the days a scarf singularly adorns the neck. We’ll show you six ways to mix it up.


 As the months crescendo into a crisp air, the age-old scarf rears its head and becomes a beloved fashion staple once again. In celebration of this seasonal-fashion fixture, we are challenging the status quo by defying the ways in which you can wear our ornate collection of printed silk scarves. Alternatively, you can unapologetically repurpose an old scarf and dust it out of storage.


Artful Accessories & Accoutrement

Inject some life and levity into any seasonal look with a vibrant pop of colour. Adding a scarf to a handbag or to your waist as a belt might seem like fashion minutiae, but the guiding principle in fashion is: the small details invariably maximize a look with minimal effort.


Moderne Crepe de chine scarf

Pictured Above: Moderne - Crepe de chine scarf


1)  Handbag with a Printed Scarf: Many scarves wed well with almost any bag — from crossbody, clutch, to a bucket bag. Scour for a smaller scarf like The Going to Work collection in cream or pearl. For billowing and casual treatment, customize your clutch by knotting it on the base of the strap. Tie a loose knot and let the hems naturally cascade and fall low. You can also finesse your silky scarf into tailored submission by tying a bow around the base of one handle.


    Egyptian Scarab – Crepe de Chine Scarf

    Pictured above: Egyptian Scarab – Crepe de Chine


    2. Bold & Belted: You can add a touch of Parisian panache to any autumn outfit by introducing a scarf belt. For everyday wear, dial up your denim by simply threading the scarf through the belt loops. Knot it in front. For an understated work uniform, you can drape your pencil skirt or structured dress with a waist belt to give the illusion of a svelte figure. If you don a solid dress colour, you can temper it with a print-emblazoned scarf.


    If you don’t have one that’s working for you, checkout our kaleidoscope of scarf textile patterns and geometric shapes to belt your dress or skirt. Long, skinny or square scarves work best as a waist belt. Fold the scarf diagonally and roll it into a strip. Wrap it around your waist starting from the back and work your way around to the front. Knot the scarf into a ribbon.


    Alternatively, if the scarf is longer, you can knot it twice and let the ends hang asymmetrically on one side like a sash, adding a modicum of poise and polish to your work look. Go ahead! Harness the trimming and slimming powers of a simple scarf belt.



    Hair Accessories

    The spring/summer 2019 fashion world saw a renaissance of the 70’s-flared, bohemian head scarf. From Prada to Kate Middleton, the headscarf was a leading summer fashion motif on and off the runway. Going into autumn, there’s a resurgence of fantasy beauty and the head scarf is no exception.


    Roman Mosaic – Chiffon

    Pictured above: Roman Mosaic – Chiffon


    3) Breezy, Nomadic Headband: On windy autumn days, try adorning your head with a folded scarf, like this silk chiffon with hand rolled hems pictured above. To forgo the summer-garden-party look, choose an autumn-forward hue. Other viable colour options when selecting a scarf are tonal camel finishes or earthy, natural tones.


    Fold your scarf in succession until you’ve created a long, thin, rectangular band. Take the thin strip and wrap it around the base of your head. Hold the tail ends in front of you. The ends should be the same length. Combine the ends together so they overlap at the top of your forehead. Knot and twist the ends as you bring them to the back of your head. To secure the scarf, tie a knot and tuck in any excess material into the back, or let it hang. Now you have a decidedly bold head scarf.


    Morris Bourne– Chiffon

    Pictured above: Morris Bourne– Chiffon


    4) Iconic, Old Hollywood Glamour: À la Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly. You can pair this off-duty look with vintage, cat-framed sunglasses. It’s perfect for a formidably frosty and damp autumnal day. Whether you’re pottering around the shops or meandering on a blustery walk, it’ll keep you dry and warm. This head scarf has a two-pronged purpose. It not only preserves your hair from getting waterlogged and frizzy, but it also boasts a no-frills, effortless elegance that keeps you ahead of the fashion curve.


    To achieve the starlet, 1950’s aesthetic, take the widest part of the scarf and place it flush atop your head. Take the ends, tighten them and pull them down towards your chin, or at the back of your neck. Tie a loose knot. Tuck in any loose ends as desired. Feel free to use hair grips as needed.



    Scarf-Clad Clothing

    Over-sized wraps and expansive body shrugs are synonymous with the fresh autumn months. They provide that supplementary layer of warmth needed as you combat the brisk air in your daily commute or the pesky office draft.


    Iznik Flowers – Habotai Wrap

    Pictured above: Iznik Flowers – Habotai Wrap


    5) Kimono Body Wrap: Much to everyone’s elation, no sewing is required for this statement look. On colder days, try your hand at the quasi-cardigan, shawl cover-up. To achieve this deconstructed scarf trend, laden your shoulders with a scarf that offers a generous dimensional length and breadth for full coverage.


    Since the body wrap affords you the chance to prominently model your favourite pattern, take advantage of Fox & Chave’s Deco Gingko Leaf with monochromatic geometric charm. Alternatively, explore the modern Iznik Flowers print, pictured above. Lay your habotai, or any large scarf, flat on a hard surface like a table or on the floor. Fold it in half lengthwise. Tie the opposite-facing corners so they intersect and meet in the middle.


    Tie these facing corners into a double knot. No seamstress is mandated for this fashion sleight-of-hand. You have single-handedly created armholes for your newly-fashioned kimono cardigan.



    Klimt Gold – Poshmina

    Pictured above: Klimt Gold – Poshmina


    6) Autumnal Shawl: This customary autumn accessory not only counters the cold, but it can also elevate a dowdy, medieval-dark jacket into a luminescent spark of warmth. Add a dash of colour and embellish your beige-and-boring autumn wardrobe by shopping Fox & Chave's floral and mosaic patterned scarves.


    To do this, simply sprawl your scarf over your shoulders. Take the ends hovering over your shoulders and tie them atop your chest for fastening. You can also use a square scarf that is folded in half to make a triangle. Enjoy this demure look well-into the wintry months.


    Face the autumn weather, square on, by adding these six scarf styling tips to your fashion arsenal. There are so many ways and incarnations to style a simple scarf. Tell us some of your favourites in the comments below. Don’t have any suitable scarves? Check out the Fox & Chave collection today.




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