Groom wears Bryn Parry pink elephants silk tie

 Pictured above: Bryn Parry Elephants Pink Silk Tie


As the winter chill melts and unfurls into spring butterflies and blossoms, weddings become top of mind for buoyant and blissfully engaged couples.


If you’re the architect of your own wedding, it can be a tall task to hatch a silver-bullet design scheme. It’s easy to get lost in the weeds of wedding granularities like posting your Save the Date, securing a reception venue, and booking an officiant. The last inconsequential detail you want to think about is figuring out bridal party attire and accessories. It’s a minefield of fashion decisions. Decision fatigue is a real thing. 


To help you follow the path of least resistance and give you one less decision to make for your wedding day, we’ve crafted four unique ways you can appropriate silk accessories. Silk is an effortless way to turn your day into above-average pomp and circumstance.  


This wedding season, Fox & Chave is throwing you a silk rope, so take it!



Bridesmaid Bouquet, skinny scarf and Headband

 Pictured above: Skinny silk scarf - Monet


1. Bridesmaids brimful bouquets


Wrangling your bridesmaids to acquiesce and agree on one uniform dress is a gladiatorial effort. Instead of strong arming them on one dress, why not meld into their bouquet and hair an analogous and matching silk accessory? Fox & Chave’s Monet Water Lilies Skinny Silk Scarf is a viable option.


It’s aptly named after the widely-celebrated impressionist oil painting. The warm image of Claude Monet’s flower garden in Northern France is just one of many options that can conceivably compliment and wed well with the floral arrangement at the ceremony altar.


This radiant scarf has a multi-pronged purpose. It can double as a thank-you gift to your bridesmaids for helping with the big day. Alternatively, your florist can weave this narrow scarf around the bridesmaid’s flowers and the bride’s gargantuan bouquet.


The flower girl can also sport the same scarf in matching matrimonial solidarity, perhaps as a belt over her mini-gown. Or, your hairstylist can firmly fasten this silk trimming in the bridesmaid’s hair as a resplendent headband or loose hair tie. Not only will this dainty silky scarf compliment the groom’s corsage, but it’s an evergreen wedding accessory.





Skinny silk scarf  and cameo clutch bag

 Pictured above: Skinny silk scarf - Monet and customizable cameo clutch


2. Charming touch with a clutch


The Mother of the Bride is never a rear-view afterthought when it comes to your wedding ceremony. For most brides, your mother plays the self-anointed supplementary wedding planner.


As such, her accessories should also play an eye-catching, front-seat role without overshadowing the bride’s spine-tingling debut. One benign and simple way to do this is to throw in an elite Turquoise Cameo clutch.


This dazzling clutch bag is adorned in raw silk that will have all the wedding guests pawing and petting it long into the reception evening. It also has a hidden shoulder chain, so your mother can clutch like a royal at the ceremony or toss it over her shoulder while on the dance floor.



Enamel Gingko Ties

 Pictured above: Enamel gingko leaf silk tie


3. Suits and ties for the guys.


As they say, the enemy of execution is complexity, so we’ll keep the accessories for the men ultra simple. Men’s wedding fashion tenant is: fun, floral patterns and subdued, soft colours.


In this spirit, Fox and Chave house a roll-out of floral-patterned silk ties and bow ties. There are so many patterns based on history, culture, fine art and famous designs available at, like these Enamel Gingko ties.You can take it on good authority that these classic designs epitomize traditional style and distinguished flair.


If you’re staring down the barrel trying to decide on groomsmen accessories, or the jury is still out on whether floral accessories are for men, listen to your better fashion angels. Yes! Floral print on silk ties put the groom back in groomsmen.




Wedding Cuff Links

Pictured above: Etched steel wedding cuff links


4. Olive Branches and Custom Cuff Links


Marrying into another family is a hotbed of difficulty. Leading up to the wedding, the bride and groom are busy brokering peace talks between the in-laws. Nerves are frayed and purse strings are stretched.


To ensure there’s no bad blood or cold-war fights between families, it behooves the bride and groom to buy a peace-offering gift.


Fox and Chave boast a robust collection of bespoke and ready-made wedding themed cuff links like the Father of the Bride, Father of the Groom and usher. The stainless steel, oval design and deep-set etching will be sure to glint and glow under the spotlight during the father-daughter dance, or during the bleeding-heart speeches. Rest assured, no mortal enemies will be made on your big day.




Cuff Links and Silk tie

Pictured above: Mackintosh Pinks silk tie


Hunting for sparkling wedding bands, planning a honeymoon to Bali, and editorializing the vows are main drivers in wedding planning and headlining priorities.



That doesn’t mean, however; your wedding party’s accessories should play second fiddle. It doesn’t need to be a hairsplitting activity. Keep it ceremoniously sweet and simple, while knocking the thank you gifts off the list in one go, with Fox and Chave's scintillating silk and accessories collection.



What are some of your favourite wedding accessories? 



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