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Morris Blackthorn Chiffon Scarf

Morris Blackthorn Chiffon Scarf


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This elegant Fox & Chave silk chiffon scarf features a reproduction of the pattern Blackthorn designed for wallpaper by J.H. Dearle in 1892 on behalf of the Morris Company.

Blackthorn or Prunus spinosa, has various cultural and mythological associations. In Celtic folklore, blackthorn is linked to the darker aspects of nature and the thinning veil between the physical and spiritual realms, and going by various names including the Dark Crone of the Woods, the dark face of the triple goddess of the moon, and most notably the Mother of the Woods. It is said to have protective qualities and in some traditions, it is considered a magical tree with healing properties. Known for its dense, thorny branches it is often used for making walking sticks and traditional Irish shillelaghs.

It is Blackthorn that forms the hedge that envelopes Sleeping Beauty's castle, forming the thick, impenetrable barrier that hides the magic castle and its inhabitants from the unworthy.



There are many ways to style a Fox & Chave chiffon silk scarf including the basic drape, belted drape and reverse drape. Our chiffon silk scarfs look really good worn in the bandit knot or faux infinity style too. More scarf styling ideas are available in this wonderful How to Tie a Scarf book.


100% Silk Chiffon


180 cm x 52 cm



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Hand-rolled hems


Dry Clean Only


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