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Small Crown Cream Silk Tie

Small Crown Cream Silk Tie


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This woven Fox & Chave silk tie features a monotone repeat of cream crowns over a tonal cream ground.

Crowns have served as symbols of authority, power, and prestige, often worn by monarchs, rulers, and religious leaders. The concept of crowns can be traced back to ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Greece. In these cultures, crowns were often associated with divine rulership and were adorned with symbolic motifs representing gods, deities, or mythological figures.

In modern times, crowns continue to be used in ceremonial contexts, such as coronations, state events, and royal weddings. While many monarchies have transitioned to constitutional or ceremonial roles, crowns remain potent symbols of tradition, heritage, and national identity.


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A Fox & Chave silk tie looks best tied in a classic Windsor or half-Windsor knot and worn with a collar style of your choosing. Cutaway or spread collars offer the greatest opportunity to display the detail of your unique silk tie design. 



100% Silk Twill


150 cm x 8 cm



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Hand finished


Dry Clean Only


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